About us

Aris employs over 200 specialists working on flexible packaging for the modern age to attract and delight consumers. We manufacture 10 types of packaging with 4 branding types. The technology used in your case is determined upon negotiating with you, studying your product, and analysing the industry you work in.

Our goal is to reinforce your design with appropriate packaging to enhance consumers’ perception of the product and increase its added value.

Work is to be enjoyable


Mutual respect

Interacting with our clients, we show respect, sympathy, and interest. We are working on a common cause and realize the importance of proper communication to achieve the best result.


We don’t bore our clients with production technicalities but always explain the differences between various packaging types and justify the solutions selected in every particular case.

Proactive attitude

We never burden clients with lengthy formal technical paperwork because business objectives and the packaging’s intended purpose are what matters to us. Knowing the objectives, we can offer solutions ourselves.


Aris’s every employee aspires to achieve maximum results while saving as much time, money, and other resources as possible. We continuously upgrade our processes to keep the path to desired results easy and enjoyable.


We are convinced that people passionate about what they do are happier at work and overall. Therefore, we passionately recommend solutions that are trending in the packaging industry and put every effort so that your product gets the consumer attention it deserves.

Aris is a producer of flexible packaging

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