Tea is a part of the ritual. For some people it is relaxing, for others – focusing attention. Therefore, when developing tea packaging we focus on the design, which is to bring positive emotions.

Traditional forms of packages

Stand Up pouch (Doy pack)

A stand up pouch looks quite premium, though being economical. Thanks to its structure, it has a stable bottom and thus looks great on the retail shelf. It may be made with a transparent wall, which will allow the consumer to see the products and have no doubts in its quality.

Gusseted Bag (Center seal pouch)

A classical tea pouch shape. It is made with side facets and the center seal on the back side of the pouch. Its stable bottom is formed under the weight of tea, and a special flap is used for storage after opening the package.

Premium segment packages

Flat bottom

These pouches are stable even with such light product as tea or herbal mixes. It differs from other similar products on the shelf. It is easy to open and close.

Kraft pouches

These pouches refer to the premium segment. A pouch with the outer kraft paper layer has high barrier properties: it is light, sun, air, moisture and off-flavour proof. This pouch may have full-colour and foil printing, stamping or application.


This pouch clearly shows sides for printing – this is a stand up pouch with sealed side facets and a bottom seal. Pay attention to the fact that the side facets in this pouch may be transparent too. The Stabilo pouch ensures a high status of the packaged product and looks presentable.

Keep tea in effective packaging

Packaging for black, green or flavoured tea must be sealed, preserving leaf aroma and light-proof.
Moisture, temperature, sunlight, off-flavours, air and germs may affect the taste of tea.

To make multilayer rolled packaging and pouches for tea we use the following materials:

  • PET – moisture protection,
  • Aluminum foil (Al) – off-flavour and light protection,
  • Polyethylene (PE) – airproof sealing,
  • Oriented transparent polypropylene film (BOPP) – moisture protection,
  • Oriented metallised polypropylene film (MOРР) – light reflecting properties.

Extra options for tea packaging:

  • foil printing, which will make your product stand out and protect it from falsification,
  • a transparent window of any shape in any place on the packaging,
  • tear notch for easy opening,
  • a zip-lock is a special closure, enabling to take a portion of the product and reseal the pouch,
  • rounded edges,
  • an unusual pouch shape.

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