Rolled packaging

Large volume production cannot do without automation. For automated filling and packaging lines we manufacture rolled packaging — a flexible semi-finished product, which enables to pack products at the factory and meets your production requirements.

Fields of application

Rolled packaging is useful in the production of ice cream, spices, various snacks and confectionary products. It is also used in the production of household chemicals and detergents, fertilizers, automotive chemicals etc. 

We select the composition of the packaging materials for each product individually.

The advantages of flexible rolled packaging are as follows:

  • Low weight compared to metal and glass containers.
  • Convenience of rolls for transportation.
  • Yield strength and stress resistance.
  • Low net cost and cheaper storage.

Low price does not influence the attractiveness of rolled packaging. The surface of this packaging may be fully printed, and add foil stamping as well as make transparent windows. To apply a design, we use rotogravure and flexible printing. Both methods ensure the creation of intensive and durable coloring.

Optimal and functional packaging for your business

During the development of flexible rolled packaging you will be working with a manager from our team who is knowledgeable in production technologies. We must take into account:

  • The specifics of product and its storage.
  • Attractive appearance and design. 
  • Necessary packaging barrier properties.
  • Compatibility with customer’s packaging equipment.
  • Cost and terms of supplies.
The final packaging has the optimal price while performing their functions. To order rolled packaging, write about your product and send us your design layout to 

We will make your products stand out of the competition and appeal to customers with their packaging.
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