Today stand up pouch has become universal for household chemicals and tea, and sport nutrition, and even for fine parts of construction sets.

But stand up pouch are still the preferred type of packaging for mayonnaise or ketchup, barbecue, chili and other sauces. The doy pack is best seller of both ready-made and rolled packages for sauces.

It is stable, light, cost-efficient in transportation and storage (stand up pouch takes up to 7 times less space than a glass jar). Another benefit of this packaging for mayonnaise is the possibility to use the product up and not to try and reach the bottom of a glass or plastic container.

We produce packaging for sauces using rotogravure for printing designs or with no printing.

The popularity of stand up pouches for mayonnaise, ketchup is also stable because of the opportunity to use the following extra options:

  • notches for easy and convenient opening,
  • a resealable zip-lock,
  • a special screw-cap spout.

Resistant multilayer materials for hot filling

We develop two-, three- and four layer (for complex tasks) materials to package sauces so that they:

  • preserve original product taste and flavour,
  • protect the product from oxygen, sun light and moisture,
  • extend shelf life,
  • are resistant to aggressive sauce ingredients (acetic and citric acids, vegetable oils and fats),
  • seal very well,
  • endure hot filling (90 degrees),
  • easy to use in the filling and packing high performance process,
  • are durable, stable in shape when pushing or compressing.

These stable multilayer materials are created based on aluminum foil with PET and polyethylene.

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