Gusset Bag

A large coffee bag in barista’s hands is most often a gusset pouch. It has been given its name after the lateral gussets that open up and increase the bag capacity. The gusset pouch has a central seal on the back side and creates a flat bottom under the weight of the products inside. 

Fields of application

Most often gusset pouches are used to pack coffee from 1 kg — therefore, it is popular in HoReCa and delivery services for offices. The gusset pouch is also used for other bulky products. You can use gusset pouches for packing: 

  • Coffee, tea, cocoa,
  • Sugar and flour,
  • Pasta and cereals,
  • Pet food,
  • Pet care products,
  • Detergent, construction materials etc. 

The gusset pouches have the following benefits:

High capacity

Gussets on both sides increase the volume of the package, so more product can be packed in it.

Space economy

Flexible packaging with no sharp corners takes less space when stored and shipped compared to other types of packaging of the same product volume.

Convenient presentation

A gusset pouch can be placed vertically so as to demonstrate the product in a retail outlet in the best way.

More opportunities — for coffee and not only

We manufacture gusset pouches of various sizes and colors. To make your packaging unique and comfy, we add various options to gusset pouches: 

  • De-gassing valve that enables to pack freshly roasted coffee. It lets the carbon dioxide from coffee beans escape without stopping oxygen from getting inside the package. 
  • Perforation facilitates pouch opening for your customers. 
  • Color foil stamping may be used for the design or as a unique sign, to protect against fake products. 
  • A transparent window in any place of the pouch will help present the product better and will make the design truly extraordinary. 

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