Snack is a convenient short name for a wide range of small salty or sweet appetizers.
For over 12 years we have been producing packaging for all kinds of salty snacks: crisps, nuts, seeds, rusks, extruded snacks (corn curls), popcorn, pretzels, smoked and dried meat and fish snacks.
We also make packaging for any kinds of sweet snacks: sugared or sugar iced nuts, nuts-and-honey bars, candied and dried fruit, snack bars and kraft sweets, oriental and other pastries.

Polymer pouches are the best solution for manufacturers: sealed, light, durable, adjustable in design, and low-cost. For the end user they also have benefits: take little space, easy to open and to place on the palm, when eating on the go or in the cinema. And, naturally, they are cheaper than similar products in expensive carton or metal packages.

According to the shapes, snack packages can be divided into:

  • most popular flat pouches (three side seal bags),
  • stand up pouches (doy packs),
  • gusseted bags (center seal pouches),
  • flat bottom (square bottom) pouches,
  • rolled flexible packaging for automated packing.

Requirements to snack packaging

Traditionally snacks are designed to grab and go and should have long shelf life for storing either in retail outlets or at home.

Provided that packaging is not airproof, the product may go bad due to light and ultraviolet; absorb off-flavours; lose typical taste and flavour; deteriorate in quality, and get oxidized.

Therefore, we strictly follow such barrier and other snack packaging quality requirements as:

  • reliable product protection from air, light and moisture;
  • cost-efficiency in production process;
  • high durability, elasticity, resistance to mechanical damage;
  • bright and eye-catching appearance.

Kinds of packaging

According to the type of product, we divide packaging kinds into oil-containing and oil-free snacks.

Oil-containing ones include seeds, risks, crisps, peanuts, fruit-and-nut cocktails etc.
For these products we select three-layer materials with metallized medium layer to protect the content from light and further rotting, in particular:


Oil-free: dried fish, jerked meat, calamari etc.
For these snacks we opt for such single- or two-layer materials as:

  • BOPP,
  • РЕТ/РЕ.

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