An advanced alternative to a can — a soft pouch for preserves. The multi-layered material has high barrier properties and enables to seal and store liquid foods. Owing to these packaging properties, products have long shelf life even at the ambient temperature.

Fields of use

  • Liquid pet food. Nearly 60% preserves for pets are packed in this type of pouches. 
  • Ready-made foods, products for tourists. Retort pouches provide an opportunity to take puree soups, meat and fish dishes, ready-made cereals, stewed vegetables, beans and different jams.
  • Army foods. Similarly to tourists, retort pouches may be used to pack lunches for the military in the field conditions.

Retort pouch benefits

  1. Retort pouches are convenient for packing pet food. These pouches are conveniently placed on retail shelves and in fridges.
  2. Unlike cans, retort pouches are light and save space in the rucksack. More products can be taken in them for hikes.
  3. This packaging is heat-resistant up to 120-140°C, therefore, it allows heat treatment of natural products. Thus they can be stored for up to one year with no preservatives and special storage conditions.
  4. In vacuum pouches, foods keep their flavor and aroma as if they were freshly cooked.
  5. For a manufacturer, this packaging is cheaper than metal.

Various projects for complicated conditions

We produce three-seal retort pouches and / or doypacks. They can come in different sizes.
Pet food is usually packed in 85, 100 and 150 gram pouches. Preserves and ready-made foods for human consumption are packed in 250 or 400 gram pouches.

Rotogravure printing is responsible for the unique design. We can also add various options to the bag — euro slots, tear slips and nozzles (for dispensing). 

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