Spices and herbs

In the medieval times spices were treated as gems and they were packaged accordingly: gold, crystal, porcelain vessels, ivory, and branded leather bags (by the way, the first branded packaging).
Today we can surely theoretically package your spices in any gold or leather container.
But we will not.
Instead, we will package them in superb shaped doy packs, where shape may be whatever you prefer: from jars to cloves. Pouches may have a trendy kraft paper top layer with tactile polished finishing or with an elegant transparent window.

Packaging materials for spices

Multilayer films depending on the kind of spices: aggressive or non-aggressive.
For instance, for dry herbs (oregano, thyme) it is sufficient to provide the minimum two-layer combination of materials. In the past used we would use laminated paper /PE. But now we use BOPP/BOPP (transparent polypropylene film (BOPP), ВОРР/РЕ, РЕТ/РЕ.

However, ground pepper requires multilayer packaging, resistant to aggressive product ingredients (pepper essential oil). To package pepper the most popular combination of materials is PET/Al/PE or PET/VMPET/PE. Our technologists use special colours and glue to avoid laminate flaking while long storage.

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