Beauty & Personal Care

The objectives of our long shelf-life packaging:

  • preserve product original properties,
  • make aggressive substances storage safe,
  • avoid the loss of aromatic properties of cosmetic products.

For each type of cosmetics and household chemicals, personal care products, beauty and health products we develop dedicated barrier films. These are durable multilayer laminated materials.
They prevent holes and deformations of pouches as well as create a reliable protective barrier for aromatic ingredients.
If the product contains essential oils, our technologists select the materials depending on the oil type (pepper and orange oils, e.g., are more aggressive to films than others).

Types of packaging

For cosmetics and household chemicals we develop: 

  • doy pack (stand up pouches),
  • three side seal bags,
  • flexible rolled packaging for automated packers.

packaging that helps sell

The best-selling volume and size

We offer the optimal package size based on the marketing analysis of the most popular package volumes in the product category.

Visual attractiveness

We can make nearly any customer’s design solutions regarding pouch shapes, full-colour printing, transparent windows or package foil printing.

Ease of use

We provide spouts for liquid household detergents, handles or convenient holes for fingers and resealable zip-closures.

Reliability in transportation and storage

We produce laminated films, which rigidly shape doy packs, which allows to make reliable seals that exclude any leakage of liquid products – soap, shampoo, concentrate etc.

We care of the reliability of pouch seals and airproofing for any aggressive ingredients. To make an estimate for your packaging, learn about the terms of production and receive free sample, contact us at or by phone +48 22 39 06 391.

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