Frozen food

What packaging is required for the goods in the freezer —
production specific features

Ice cream cones, cups and sticks. Frozen fruit and vegetables. A variety of semi-finished products — dumplings, pancakes, pizza and pie dough, or whole pies to be put to the oven. All the products expect their customers every day in the freezers of supermarkets and often impress with their packaging.

When opening a freezer, buyers pay attention to the following advantages of packaging:

  • Ice cream — convenience to take, open and eat, as well as the design to make a difference.
  • Frozen fruit and vegetables — an opportunity to see the product and be assured of its quality, and convenience of storage, since these products are often used in parts.
  • Frozen semi-finished products — original appearance, convenience of storage and shipment. Additional functions may be useful, e.g. hole handles to be easy-to-carry.

Aris offers various packages for ice cream and other frozen goods

Rolled packaging

It is ideal for large manufacturers, which use packaging on their in-house production lines. It is conventional packaging for ice cream.

Flat-bottom bags

Stable packaging, which keeps its shape. It can be easily placed on a surface, without worrying that the content will be pour or leak. It suits premium lines of frozen products: semi-finished products with special fillings, a new mix of berries, or organic ice cream etc.

Three-seal and two-seal bags

They have a flat shape, so they are most often used for frozen dough.

Stabilo bags, doy packs or central-seal bags

Different packages for volume products, which enable to implement unconventional designs. They can be given an original shape, brand them with foil stamping and cut out hole handles for carrying.

The latter is relevant for large packages, whose weight is over a kilogram: ravioli, dumplings, and khinkali.

By the way, doy packs are rather rarely used for frozen goods, so they have all the chances to draw attention of buyers.


Materials are customized for each product. Packaging is a multi-layer film, and its composition depends on what will be inside.

The factors that impact packaging choice include product manufacturing, filling and shipping to the points of sale, and the way of presenting it in retail outlets.

For example, metallized packaging is always used for ice-cream, because it is optimal for storage.

Aris managers will select the materials according to the customer’s requirements and the specifics of their product. As a result, the packaging composition will include only necessary layers with no extras.

Branding and design

The most widespread ways of branding for these products are rotogravure and flexographic printing. Further, foil stamping is sometimes applied on such packaging.

Rotogravure enables to apply paint using a metal gravure cliché block.

Flexographic printing uses flexible photopolymer shapes with required images.

The choice of one of them depends on the volume of the order and the quantity of colors in the design.

The quantity of designs per order also matters. There may be several designs per order. Aris production enables us to print them at the same time, thus — all the packages can be kept together.
For this purpose, our specialists place designs and the shapes so as to reduce the time of production and quickly complete the work.

Additional benefits

The bag can be enhanced using a variety of different options, which will make the use of the product more convenient or easier to present on the shelf:

Nozzles and zip locks

Nozzles and zip locks are ideal for the products that are usually not used up at once. Using a nozzle on soft ice cream even a child will be able to push out a part of the content, without any dirt — and the nozzle will be well closed again. The zip lock will keep the frozen berries or dumplings from spreading.

A tear-off line

A tear-off line enables to open the packaging with no scissors and excessive efforts. Packages with heavy products can have hole handles.

Transparent elements

Transparent elements — windows, bottoms, and lateral facets. They will show the products even before the person buys and opens it, and they will immediately help to confirm the quality.

Windows can be made on all packages. Transparent lateral facets can be made on the flat bottom and stabilo, whereas the transparent bottom – on doy packs and flat bottoms. For the full openness it is possible to make the whole package transparent.

For us each project is unique, therefore, we agree all the requirements and wishes to the bags in detail, before starting the production. Standard works are perfectly known and can be quickly handles.

We are also open to new ideas — facilitating them as new opportunity.

To make an estimate for your packaging, learn about the terms of production and receive free sample, contact us at or by phone +48 22 39 06 391.

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