Quality Policy

ISPE Aris Ltd is an advanced Ukrainian company manufacturing various kinds of flexible packaging that meets our customers’ requirements and expectations.

Company activities are based on the principles of mutually beneficial relations with all stakeholders including customers, company staff, partners, owners, governmental regulatory bodies and public.

Quality management system ISO 9001: 2015 helps us to understand more clearly the context of the company operations, needs and expectations of the stakeholders, put our efforts to continuously improve customers’ satisfaction as they are the main company financial source and encourage its development.

We believe in the idea of continuous performance improvement, based on the growth of efficiency and effectiveness of all processes by regular updating process aims, monitoring and analysis of process indicators and their improvement via using the best quality management practices as well as via introducing lean production tools.

Our team unanimously supports the basic principles of the company operations and realizes the importance of everyone’s involvement to achieve a common result.Complying with the quality management system we follow the rules below:

  • Product quality level is identified by consumers;
  • Products are designed for foods packaging and require 100% safety level for consumers;
  • Company operations management is risk based and process oriented;
  • Any activity, process or operations may and must be improved;
  • Staff skills and expertise, including in quality management and lean production practices, steadily improve;
  • Relations with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders are mutually beneficial;
  • Decision-making is evidence based only;
  • Company operations are beneficial for the public and do not affect Ukrainian statutory rules and regulations.

Understanding the influence of our activities on environment, we take measures to minimize polluting emissions and waste generation as well as use recyclable and reusable materials.

Being the guarantor of complying with the requirements of quality management system ISO 9001: 2015, ARIS Ltd. Management assumes responsibility for communicating this policy to its staff, consumers, suppliers and public.

Director of ISPE ARIS Ltd. – Yevgeniy Tytarenko