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Flexible packaging is so versatile, so it can be found everywhere: in the bathroom, nursery or even in the garage. Such packaging can be made waterproof, resistant to aggressive substances, convenient for transporting heavy, loose or liquid contents. That is why they are often used for non-food products.

What non-food products can be packed

The possibilities of flexible packaging are practically unlimited. Its characteristics are selected individually for each product, therefore, they provide space for creativity of both the customer and the package manufacturer.

Here are a few categories from dozens of types of products
for which we have already created flexible packaging:

Children’s goods — small sets of puzzles that are convenient to take with you on the road, sets of colored pencils or felt-tip pens, children’s constructors, etc.

Household chemicals — washing powders, detergents and cleaning agents. Liquid, loose or in capsules. Flexible packaging is also often used for refill packs.

Automotive chemicals — glass cleaners, automotive shampoos and active foams, polishes, sealants, sealants, engine cleaners, etc. Flexible packaging with a special composition is suitable for storing aggressive and chemically active substances.

Products for plants — fertilizers, seeds, means of protection against pests etc. Flexible packaging is used for agriculture, goods for garden and indoor plants.

Cosmetics and hygiene products — liquid soap, shampoo, concentrate, bath salts and any other cosmetic products. You can also pack manicure sets, combs and other tools for the beauty industry.

Picnic supplies — charcoal and other dry fuel, special kindling cubes, etc.

Clothing — flexible packaging for clothing has also become popular since the proliferation of shipping and online sales. It is also used to sell personal protective equipment, such as masks and glove kits.

Building materials — plaster, lime, powdered chemicals, ground minerals and other loose goods for repair and construction.

Fishing supplies — lures and baits, as well as hooks, floats and other products for hobby.

Advantages of flexible packaging for non-food products

Flexible packaging is flexible in every sense. It can be adapted to any content by individually choosing the composition of the material. It provides wide opportunities to create and change the design. It is softer and lighter compared to other types of packaging. 

Draws attention to the brand

Flexible packaging helps to stand out on the shelf through a bright design or additional options such as windows or non-standard shapes.

Convenient transportation and storage

Saves space during transportation, has less weight compared to glass, metal and plastic and increases the shelf life of the product.

Resistant to aggressive substances

We choose materials for flexible packaging depending on the properties of the product that will be stored in it. The package can be made impermeable to water and oxygen, resistant to alcohol, surfactants or other substances.

Individual development

Each project is unique to us, so the packaging includes all the features you need — for product preservation, convenient logistics, and marketing.

Convenient for the consumer

Allows you to use the product to the maximum, because it has no “hard-to-reach corners” for its residue. The flexible design allows you to create an ergonomic shape and take care of consumers, for example, by adding handles and a fastener.

Types of non-food products packaging

Doy pack has a bottom pocket that opens under the weight of the product. Thanks to this, the package is quite roomy and can stand vertically on the shelf. Popular for auto cosmetics, personal hygiene products, refill packs.

Roll packaging — used for mass production of the product, which is automatically packed on the packaging line.

A flat bottom bag is a package with a flat bottom that holds its shape and stands upright even with a light product inside. Popular for loose products — for example, household chemicals and building materials.

Gusset and Stabilo are roomy packages with side tabs. Often used for large volumes of product from 1 kg. Popular for pet care products, building materials, laundry detergent, etc.

A three-seam bag is a flat bag or a “pillow bag” that has three sealed sides. Popular for not too bulky goods — clothes, manicure tools, cosmetics, household chemicals in small quantities.

Personalization and additional options

In order to make the package convenient not only for storing the product, but also for sale and use by the consumer, we offer to add nice and sometimes necessary features to them.

  • Nozzles — simplify the dosing of liquid and gel-like products (auto chemicals, detergents, personal hygiene products), and also protect them from accidental spillage if the package is used repeatedly.
  • Eurohanger — helps to place small packages in the supermarket closer to the consumer. For example, near the cash desk or at a special promotional stand.
  • Handles — cut on packages with heavy contents, clothing bags, etc. Everything is for the convenience of users.
  • Ziplock is added to reusable packages. The closure helps keep the product fresh inside and protects it from accidental spillage.

We manufacture various types of packaging for non-food products and love to take on complex projects. Contact us to develop customized packaging for your product. We will help you stay competitive in the market and meet modern requirements.

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