Production starts with the idea, the stage when the requirements to bags and their concept are discussed, and finishes with a batch of bags that will present products in retail outlets.

To create packaging, Aris follows three principles:


Functionality is responsible for the bag reliability and convenience. It is important for the bag to preserve product properties for as long as possible, be easy to transport, present on a shelf and at home.


Attractiveness of the package ensures that it will sell the product successfully. It is the task of the design, shape and material of the packaging. We closely monitor global trends in packaging and continuously update and upgrade our capabilities to keep up with the latest fashion.


Eco-friendliness of manufacturing means that we continuously improve and seek solutions to reduce the impact on the environment. Our HSE officer is in charge of complying with international standards whereas our process engineers regularly attend events dedicated to environmental friendliness at all stages of packaging production.

What packaging can be ordered

We make flexible packaging in rolls and stock bags with various options, as well as fulfill complex tailor-made orders. The projects regularly implemented at our factory include:

  • Doy pack bags
  • Flat-bottom bags
  • Gusset bags
  • Sachets
  • Stabilo bags
  • Vacuum bags
  • Retort bags

If required, the following options can be added to stock bags:

  • Degassing valves (aroma valves) on freshly roasted coffee beans bags is one-way as it allows the gas from coffee beans to escape, but it does not let oxygen inside. The escaping gas shows the coffee aroma, which makes it more attractive for the buyer
  • Zip-lock serves to seal the bag and makes it convenient for multiple use
  • Tear-off perforation line makes bag opening easy
  • Rounded corners prevent bags from being damaged during shipment or scratched by customers
  • Euro hang tab (a slot or a sombrero) helps to place the goods in the most convenient way, e.g. by hanging them at the checkout in retail chains
  • Handles, available especially on big-format bags (from 500 g) make it easy to carry products and pour them from these bags
  • A nozzle (central or lateral) is added to the bags with liquid or bulk products for easy dispensing and dosing

Production processes and capabilities

The strategy established by Aris aims at continuous development. We have standardized operating procedures to smoothly fulfill regular orders. For new customized projects we find the optimal solutions and opportunities for their implementation.

The factory can create most complex and sophisticated packaging and film — roll packaging for aggressive products (chemicals, detergents and spices), packaging for hot filling (ketchups, jams etc.), retort bags and others. 

Our managers personalize the packaging material composition depending on the field of its use. 

Multilayer packaging to protect the product

One material may not have all the necessary properties required for packaging. Accordingly, at the production facility we laminate (glue) several films, each of which performs a certain function or functions.

Three-layer materials

1) the outer protective layer, protecting the product from environmental impacts, where design patterns are applied;
2) the medium, or barrier layer that protects the product from ultraviolet, oxygen etc.
3) the inner layer with good heat sealability for the packaging.

Two-layer materials

The product can be stored with no extra barrier.

Single-layer packaging

The products do not need any special protection.

Branding and design

To make packaging unique and draw buyers’ attention, we have a number of technologies to offer:

  • Rotogravure or flexoprinting, which enable to implement complex designs with bright colors and fine gradients.
  • Hot foil stamping is used for metal glittering on any color.
  • Soft touch and glossy coatings create a special tactile experience for the buyer from the product.
  • Unique shape — an apple, a sand glass or a fairy character — makes the package stand out of the competition.
  • Transparent windows are used to show the quality of the product before opening the package.

aris fact file

Our factory offers a full production cycle for packaging — we print designs, make multi-layer materials, produce any kinds of bags and have an in-house laboratory for quality control.
It allows us to be flexible in order fulfillment. According to your tasks, we develop the material composition, select the bag shape and volume as well as define the batch size.

Our facilities include:

  • 4000 m2 production floor
  • 12 bag-making machines
  • 8-color rotogravure printing machine
  • 3 laminators and auxiliary equipment
  • In-house quality control laboratory

Order packaging in the online store or contact us with your individual orders, if your project is tailor-made. Our managers will always help you choose the kind of package, identify required additional options and design possibilities, along with the price quotes and delivery times.

Packaging from Aris cares of your product from the factory
to retail and home shelves.

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