Flat Bottom

These are packages that keep their shape even with the lightest content and stand vertically on shelves. They are mostly popular in coffee shops, though other areas also often choose flat bottom packaging.
We develop flat bottom packages for various products, having been specialized in this area since 2017.

Fields of application

Flat bottom packaging is widely spread to sell bulk products.
For example, coffee, tea, muesli, quinoa, lentils — and also sports food, household chemicals, pet food, construction materials etc.

The advantages of flat bottom packaging are:

  • Stable bottom facilitates shelf presentation.
  • Stable shape regardless of the weight of the product inside.
  • Designs can be applied to each of the four sides and the bottom.
  • Convenient zip lock for multiple opening.
  • More product can be packed without increasing the volume on the shelf, compared to other types of packaging.
  • Saving materials, compared to other vertical packaging types.
  • More elegant and expensive appearance.

Possibilities of design for the unique packaging

To attract attention to the product on the shelf, we use different printing and decoration technologies:

  • Full-color printing with clear lines and gradients.
  • Hot stamping with color foil.
  • Special-shape transparent windows in any place on the package.

In addition to the attractive appearance, flat bottom packaging can be given required properties — for example, to keep aroma of the freshly roasted and ground coffee.

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