Fish and Meat

Food packaging isn’t easy when fish and meat are picky eaters. Salty, greasy, in sauce or with sharp edges – they require an individual approach that takes into account storage requirements and attractively presents the product. Aris gladly takes on such challenges.

packaging for Meat products

You can find jerky snacks in flexible packaging. Lots of spices are frequently added to them for a rich flavor. Spices, as well as the need to pack the product hermetically, is an issue that our technologists successfully tackle.

Meat snacks are traditionally sold in doy-packs (stand-up pouches) or three-side seal pouches.

It is convenient to place them on branded trade stands and at checkout aisles. This method is a customary way for selling at the market.

However, you can not limit yourself to it and choose another type of pack.

Options and features

Jerk packs can have euro holes for stand placement, tear-off notches and zip-locks for convenient consumption.
Sometimes transparent windows are added to them, which help to see the product inside.

packaging for fish and seafood

Doy-pack (stand-up pouch), stabilo (4-side seal bag), flat bottom bags, three-side seal pouches and others – you can take advantage of almost any bag depending on the product features.

The choice should take into account the storage requirements and the point of sale, along with the marketing tasks that the packaging has to solve.

What do we pack?

Raw fish for freezing

When it comes to products for storage in the freezer, we pay attention to the stability of the packaging to low temperatures. After freezing-thawing, the material will remain durable and airtight.

Fish and seafood in sauce

The packaging for them should be super strong. Its task is to prevent the liquid from leaking and withstand ‘aggressive’ spices, because the sauce can be spicy.

Seafood with sharp edges

Unpeeled shrimp, mussels and other seafood will try to damage the packaging. We know how to use the most suitable plastic film for such products.

Fish snacks

Spicy, salty and fatty – we will select packaging for all parameters.

Options and features

You can achieve an original design by making a figure-formed packaging, adding windows and foil stamping.
We make tear-off notches and add a zip-lock for convenient storage of the product and easy opening.

The specificity of meat, fish and seafood storage do not allow you to choose standard packaging for them from an online store. Therefore, packaging for these products can be developed only within the scope of an individual project.

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