Flat pouches

Bulky packages are not required for small portions and items. Pillow bags cope best with such a task — they do not have side tabs or a folding bottom, so the shape resembles an envelope.

Flat packages are divided into two types — a three-seam “pillow” package and a package with a string seam.

Three-seam flat bag (Pillow bag)

Three-seam flat bag has three sealed sides, which is why it got its name. This is an inexpensive package, which is usually packed with:

  • Small portions of sauces and snacks,
  • Fish and meat products,
  • Seasonings, spices,
  • Manicure tools,
  • Cosmetics, hygiene products,
  • Clothes and other goods.

The “pillow” package can be made of a film with high barrier properties, which prevents the access of oxygen and moisture, and prevents the development of bacteria. With food products, it is often used as vacuum packaging — it allows the product to be packaged in portions and keeps it fresh for a long time.

Additional options and design

The following options will help improve the three-piece package:

  • Zip-lock for reusable package,
  • Eurohole or “sombrero” to profitably place the product in stores,
  • A tear-off cut that makes it easier to open the bag.

Pillow bags have most of the same design options as other bags. Branding can be applied to their surface, one of the package sides can be made transparent, kraft paper coating can be chosen, etc. We also make three-seamed shaped packages.

Package with string seam

It is made of one type of material, which is folded into a “pocket” and welded with a string seam on the sides. This strong film packaging is used for:

  • Confectionery products — cookies, candies, chocolates,
  • Stationery — stickers, erasers, rulers, pencils,
  • Small souvenirs — for example, magnets,
  • Household items — napkins, rubber gloves, etc,
  • Printing — postcards, booklets,
  • Agricultural products — seeds, poisons.

Additional options and design

Bags with a string seam can be left transparent or printed — apply the design to the entire surface or leave a “window”. The following options are available for these packages:

  • Sticky tape for closing the package,
  • Air vent,
  • Perforation for easy opening,
  • A fold at the bottom (fold) to increase the volume of the bag,
  • Euro hole for placing the product on the stand or in the touch zone.

How to order flat packaging

We manufacture flat packaging of both types in any desired size and with all possible design options.
Write to us for a free consultation and to calculate the cost of creating flat packs for your product!

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