Doy Pack

Stable pouches are always popular because they are convenient in use and good at presenting their product.
It is the case of a doypack. This universal package has a flexible bottom, which enables it to keep vertical even with a light product inside. 

Fields of application

Doy-packs can be found in any department of a supermarket. They are used for dry, liquid and paste products, including:

  • Tea, coffee and cocoa, as well as muesli and cereals. 
  • Fish and meat snacks, popcorn, crackers and seeds. 
  • Cookies, sweets, fruit chips and other confectionary products. 
  • Ketchups, mayonnaises, jams and other sauces.
  • Household and automobile chemicals. 
  • Personal care and other products.

This kind of packaging is also used for children’s puzzles and construction sets, personal protective products (masks and gloves), baiting — anything you want to pack today. 

Doypack benefits include the following:

lightness and cost-effectiveness

Compared to other packages (plastic, glass and metal), stand-up pouch products are cheaper to store and ship.

original shape

You can go beyond a traditional rectangle and create a package in the shape of a pineapple, jar, glass or another object.

combination of different materials

One of the pouch walls can be made metallized, while the others — transparent, and for the bottom we can use a thicker material so as to add stability to the pouch.

Additional options for user convenience

We enhance the pouch with:
- tear-off cuts, 
- zip locks, 
- nozzles (dispensers), 
- euro slots, handles, 
- rounded corners. 

Thus, the pouch makes a difference on retail shelves and becomes more convenient in handling. 

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