Branding of stock bags

The standard item is a convenient basis for your design, which allows you to implement lots of ideas. It’s also an opportunity to get the packaging quickly and in small quantities.
We have several options that will help to present the product profitably for branding of standard packaging.

Screen printing

Semi-automatic technology, in which the printer’s skills play a significant role. During screen printing, stencils with an image are placed individually on the packaging.

One stencil is one color, so minimalistic designs work best with this printing method. It’s desirable that the branding contains no more than four colors and doesn’t look as a photo or gradients.

Our craftsmen are experienced in working with complicated designs for screen printing. However, if you decide to choose more than four colors, you should discuss it with us. Aris managers will tell you how best to position the image to get a high-quality picture.

We use quality paints for branding, so the image is intense and bright, and it’s almost indelible on the packaging.

However, the final branding color can be affected by the background. For instance, bright colors are fading on kraft paper, acquiring authenticity and coziness.

Thanks to the attentiveness and experience of Aris printers, screen printing on packages is sometimes indistinguishable from rotogravure or flexo printing – full-color technologies used for individual projects.

hot foil stamping

It allows you to make three-dimensional branding with a metallic shine that attracts attention from afar. Foil embossing is usually associated with silver or gold, but it can come in a variety of colors. We offer red, green, blue and other foils for embossing, up to holographic.

Foil of different colors opens up wide opportunities for design experiments. It will help to create an expressive contrast. E.g. if you make embossing with black matte foil on the white background. Silver foil on black or colored on pure white can look no less attractive.

Stylish coffee bags

Two branding methods can be combined such as screen printing and foil embossing.

This technique will help to focus on the necessary details, make the design more haptic and attractive to the consumer.

Unique packaging shape

Branding is not limited to applying various images and inscriptions.
The shape can also be adapted to the needs of your brand.

If you like a certain material and color among the standard options, we can create a packaging with it of a different size or even a look that is not available in the store – for instance, a three-side seal pouch or stabilo. Flat bottom bag is the only exception.

The minimum order for semi-standard packaging roughly starts at 5,000 items.

However, we discuss every project separately. The minimum order quantity will depend on the size and type of packaging desired.

Important figures and details

  • Branding can be ordered from 2000 items.
  • All standard packages are available for branding as stand-up pouch (doy pack), flat bottom and gusset, and also all the materials – matte/glossy coating, soft-touch varnish or paper.
  • In the case of standard packaging, it is often not possible to print all sides completely. It will also not be possible to apply branding to the bottom and folds.

Each project is valuable to us – this applies to standard packages as well. Screen printing, foil embossing and a unique shape will help give individuality to standard solutions and stand out on the market.

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