Quad Seal Bag (Stabilo)

It is as stable as a box but soft, since it refers to flexible packaging. Stabilo bags are called quad-seal ones. They have four lateral facets, where all the sides may be made of different materials.
It becomes stable under the weight of the product, and its bottom becomes square-shaped.

Fields of use

Stabilo bags are popular with bulk products. It can contain food and non-food products. For example: 

  • Tea, coffee, confectionary products.
  • Nuts and dried fruit.
  • Flour and grains. 
  • Dry pet food etc.

Stabilo bag benefits

  1. All the facets may be made of different materials — to make transparent lateral sides, combine transparent and matte films, kraft paper etc.
  2. Each side may be separately branded to apply more information about the product. 
  3. Owing to its shape, the bags are vertically stable and effectively present products on shelves.

Opportunities of branding and unique designs

At our factory, we use rotogravure, which enables to apply clear and bright images.
The opportunity to show fine tints, gloss and spirit make your packaging well recognizable, while efficiently implementing any designers’ ideas in each batch.
Let’s create together a sophisticated and interesting project that will make a difference on the market!

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