Spout pouches

It is good when the packaging not only helps to store the product, but also facilitates its use. For example, it contains a convenient nozzle for dispensing paste-like products or gels, which can then be securely twisted. Packages with a fitting are just for such cases.

Fields of use

  • Sauces and jams,
  • Ketchup, mayonnaise,
  • Soft ice cream,
  • Liquid soap, washing gel,
  • Automotive cosmetics.

Advantages of packages with a fitting

  • prevent accidental spillage of the product
  • hermetically closed product stays fresh longer and retains its qualities after the first use
  • allow you to store a liquid product at home in a flexible package
  • make dosing the product more convenient for the user
  • the product in such a package can be taken with you and used on a walk or on the road

Individual properties and design

Spout packs can be used for many products. Usually, hermeticity and good barrier properties are important for such packages. For each packaging project, we separately select materials that will help keep the contents fresh and will be resistant to the effects of aggressive substances, if such are included in the product.

The capabilities of the Aris factory allow you to give the package with a fitting a curved shape and use bright full-color printing for branding. Such packaging is not only convenient to use, but also has a modern and attractive appearance on the shelf.

Write to us — we will design a package with a fitting for your product!

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