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Retort pouch “Naidok” from ARIS company


The ARIS company from Kharkiv, a city that especially suffers from bombing by Russian missiles, has not stopped working for a day on the production of packaging from polymer films for food. This includes the Naidok retort pouch, which is not only a symbol of modernity and Ukrainian ethnicity, but also a manifestation of charitable initiative and support for the defenders of Ukraine.

This product is produced as part of a charitable project of priests who chose to help not only in word, but also in deed. The goal is to feed the military with delicious, homemade dishes that reflect the best traditions of Ukrainian cuisine.

Bograchi, cabbage rolls, and other traditional Ukrainian dishes are stored in Naidok packaging. The packaging design stands out from the usual retort packages thanks to the use of ethnic geometric shapes inspired by the Hutsul region.

The packaging material of the retort pouch consists of three layers, each of which plays its own role in ensuring maximum protection and preservation of product quality, and is distinguished by the absence of a metallized Al-foil layer. That is why the main advantage of the Naidok retort packaging is that it can be heated even in the microwave, providing maximum convenience to consumers.
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